One in Tech

One in Tech is an ISACA foundation that seeks to create a healthy digital world that is safe, secure and accessible for all.

people in a circle - One in Tech

Let’s Create a Better Digital World as We:

  • Build Understanding: Let’s engage in a conversation about the social and ethical implications of technology as well as the impacts on public and private sectors.
  • Grow and Diversify the Workforce: Let’s find ways to help under-represented groups to enter and succeed in the profession, building professions that reflects the world it serves.
  • Increase Access and Affordability of Resources: Let’s support professionals and organizations that develop and donate solutions and skills to the most vulnerable, at-risk groups.

In delivering on this mission, One in Tech, an ISACA Foundation, is looking for individuals and organizations who want to make a difference by creating a digital world we all can be proud of.

Learn more and be a part of our mission today.

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